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Updated: May 6, 2022

It’s time to fall in love with your voice.

So what sets apart TVP from all the other voice agencies?

Knowing our voice is a unique instrument, designed to allow you to express emotion in a way specifically created for you. The only instrument that can speak, create melodies outside any accompaniment.

Every individual can sing, it does not require to be pitch-perfect, your voice resonates with the feeling you are expected to express to allow the receiver to understand and connect to the vibrations of your unique sound.

I once recall a time when I felt I was unable to articulate certain words, but I was able to create a melodic sound, which was the very thing that was pushing my natural emotion.

Emotion and feelings are the very things that enable us to express how we speak to each other. The basics: Happy, Sad, Frustrated, Angry are amongst the patterns of emotion we tend to express in writing, our voice (spoken) is often blocked as we are careful not to harm others.

When we sing, we can reach into people’s minds and hearts, that is why TheVocalPod is that likened to a flower just about to bloom. Our bodies work overtime with cells and neurons speaking to each other so that we can respond to the actions and act on the responses we receive.

TVP focuses primarily on the voice without any accompaniment, there are no other instruments involved, we give credence to the voice itself, and allow the user to explore its natural ability.

No rhythm, no scales, no strings attached just YOUR VOICE.

Julie - Founder

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