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Led by faith in The Most High Yahuah

Julie E. Gordon, a multi-talented creative force, has elevated her artistic independence to new heights. As a CEO, singer-songwriter, performing artist, actress, radio host, producer, director, and artist liaison consultant, Julie has paved her path across the spectrum of the arts, leaving an indelible mark on the UK creative scene.

While many recognize her name, much of Julie's impactful work remains concealed behind the scenes, championed by established artists. Over the years, Julie has honed her extraordinary talents, consistently contributing her skills to various bands and producers. She possesses a formidable songwriting ability, having penned songs for notable celebrities and released music under prestigious labels such as Sony, EMI Universal, and Warner.

Julie meticulously curates her portfolio, granting access to a select group of professionals who collaborate with her on their projects. Leveraging her extensive session work experience, Julie founded a company specializing in vocal styles, offering emerging and established artists a platform to showcase their talents.

Julie recently hosted a pilot radio show called "The Julie James Show," a unique blend of music, lifestyle, and magazine content produced by Stuart Turner, a North West photographer and poet. This venture attracted a dedicated audience of over 700 listeners during its six-week run.

Julie actively encourages collaborations with individuals from diverse creative disciplines, firmly believing in the purpose and significance of each person's art. She invites others to become a part of her remarkable journey.

Her career boasts a global dimension, including touring as a co-vocalist with international acts like Happy Mondays. Her work has been featured on prominent radio stations such as Jazz FM, BBC Manchester, All FM, XFM, and UNITY RADIO, earning her recognition as the most promising vocalist by Giles Peterson.

Julie's discography includes tracks recorded with renowned labels like Warner Records, Universal, Grand Central, Giant Step Records, and Sanctuary Records. She has collaborated with esteemed producers, leaving her mark on Drum and Bass releases like "You Ain't Ready," "Back To Love," "Be Again," and "Dreaming." Her vocal prowess shines on the album "Uncle Dysfunctional (Happy Mondays)," where she displays her passion and power.

Continuing her creative journey, Julie writes, produces, and performs on self-developed projects, with her latest album titled "HOME" available on all digital platforms.

Julie's collaborative spirit extends to her work with CAULBEARERS, where she contributed to the writing and performance of their EP "MORE LIE DEEP" and the single "HOLLOW BONES" released under the Jack to Phono label. She also joined forces with Pascal Destjil for the collaboration album "Julie Gordon & The Digital Orchestra." Julie's credits further include her involvement with Manchester's funk ensemble NGUVU and numerous independent bands across the UK.

Julie's presence in the media spotlight is undeniable, with features in Manchester's Viva Magazine, Manchester Gossip Afro Boogie, and glowing reviews from BBC 6 Music, The Guardian, Billboard, Manchester Evening News, Express & Star. She has generously lent her talents to several charity projects, including Versus Cancer, Sickle Cell Anaemia, British Heart Foundation, Salford Music Festival, and Future Perfect Festivals, consistently delivering outstanding live performances.

Julie Gordon is a true one-of-a-kind talent, known across multiple creative media and music platforms. Her extensive international experience spans promotion, creation, production, and advisory roles. Julie is equally at home in education and live performance, having collaborated with national and international musicians on tours and supported production groups in the theatre world. Versatile and dynamic, she possesses 16 years of experience within reputable organizations in the Middle East and the UK.




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