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exploring how the service enhances your talent

"I've previously had singing lessons for a couple of lessons, however, I felt I hadn't developed as an artist or made any start in my career in music. And I'm super stoked from all the help and future assistance that vocal pod (Julie) will help me with and even though I've only had 3 lessons so far I'm super hopeful for the future. Thank you very much!" Burt Holborn Lewis - (Safa Community School - Dubai)

"All my lessons are very enjoyable my teacher is super enthusiastic and encouraging within my lessons always looking to help me improve and become more confident." Olivia Goddard ( Safa Community School - Dubai)

"I have progressed so much since having Julie as my teacher. She has really made me feel so comfortable when singing and I feel more confident in myself and my voice." Keziah Lodge ( Safa Community School  - Dubai)

Vocal coaching recommendation: If you are looking for "one on one" quality, and experienced, not to mention inspiring vocal coaching, reach out to Julie! She's been instrumental in the lead-up to Olivia's prep for GCSE and the school production. The added bonus is her true passion to uplift kids esteem and confidence. @vocalpodvoices highly recommended. Judy Goddard parent of Olivia Goddard 

"Thevocalpod services are second to none. Julie is a dedicated and highly professional and experienced consultant with exceptional skills in delivering services. The quality of her work is out of this world. She goes above and beyond what is expected for my children. I would strongly recommend it." ( Parent Diamond Truong Curl Cartel - Dubai)

"Julie is A committed mentor and offers a great service which helped me to develop my skill set and business model to reach a wider audience. I would highly recommend the vocal pod." Shameen Akthar - Design Consultant Fleur De Gallerie UK

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