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Voice Coaching - Public Speaking Coaching - Communication Skills. Vocal Coaching and speech enhancement. Stage presence and voice projection Music technology and production skills. The VocalPod Program comprises a series of sessions meticulously designed to nurture and elevate vocalists' abilities, enabling them to create and perform their original compositions. The ultimate goal is to provide a platform for these talents to showcase their work to discerning industry professionals. TVP1: THE VOICE DEVELOPMENT/RECORDING PROCESS Session 1: In this program, we concentrate on nurturing the student's vocal abilities and refining their unique singing style. Through a series of vocal exercises, we help students discover their comfortable ranges and tones. Additionally, we place significant emphasis on vocal health and mental well-being, ensuring students can produce their best sounds. Session 2: We delve into the fundamentals of songwriting, guiding students to craft melodic lyrics that complement their voices. Using music software, students explore various melodies, laying the groundwork for digital songwriting. This session empowers vocalists to create content essential to the songwriting process. Session 3: Here, we merge songwriting and music, forming the foundation of digital composition. Vocalists learn to structure songs, understand dynamics and make necessary adjustments to arrangements. This session equips students to direct the formation of their songs effectively. Session 4: Focusing on performance, this session evaluates how a song resonates and explores the possibility of adapting it across multiple genres. This marks the introduction of the remix phase, where a single song can undergo transformation. Session 5: Preparation for recording becomes paramount. Students engage in activities aiming for high-quality song demos, potentially leading to professional studio recordings. These demos serve as evidence of their songwriting skills, aiding in securing gigs.

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To cancel or reschedule a makeup class, please do so within 24 hours. Failure to notify within this time will result in a non-refund.

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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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