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THEVOCALPOD ARTIST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM TVP1: THE ARTIST DEVELOPMENT/RECORDING PROCESS Session 1: In this program, we dedicate our efforts to nurturing the artistic essence of music artists. Through a carefully curated series of vocal exercises, artists are guided to explore and refine their unique vocal styles. We pay meticulous attention to vocal health and mental well-being, ensuring that artists can confidently produce their most exceptional sounds. Session 2: We immerse artists in the fundamentals of songwriting, empowering them to craft lyrical masterpieces that harmonize seamlessly with their voices. Utilizing cutting-edge music software, artists delve into a world of melodies, laying the groundwork for digital songwriting. This session serves as the crucible where vocalists create the very core of their musical narratives. Session 3: Here, we seamlessly merge the art of songwriting with the technicalities of music, laying the foundation for digital composition. Artists learn the intricate art of structuring songs, gaining insights into dynamics and making necessary adjustments to arrang TVP2: THE PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS These transformative sessions are meticulously tailored to prepare music artists for the rigours of both recorded tracks and live performances. Aspiring artists are seamlessly introduced to external entities and esteemed industry professionals, fostering invaluable collaboration and networking opportunities. We place an unwavering focus on cultivating unwavering confidence and captivating audience engagement within the esteemed realms of professional music circles. Central to this transformative journey is the vibrant vitality of open mic sessions, where artists breathe life into their compositions. In these dynamic spaces, students not only perform but also receive invaluable feedback from discerning external communities, shaping their artistry. TVP3: INTRODUCING DISTRIBUTION & SALES OF MUSIC CREATED THROUGH TVP This pivotal phase opens the door to the intricate world of distributing and selling music meticulously crafted during the program. Music artists delve into the core business aspects, comprehending the art of effectively disseminating their creations to broader, eager audiences. This profound knowledge equips them with the indispensable skills required to confidently navigate the intricate pathways of the music industry, ensuring their artistic endeavors find the appreciative audience they truly deserve.

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To cancel or reschedule a makeup class, please do so within 24 hours. Failure to notify within this time will result in a non-refund.

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